Sit comfortably, with your feet on the floor.  Wear comfortable clothing free from jewelry and other "accessories."  Set your hands in your lap and close your eyes.

Relax your body from head to foot.  Take a few seconds to do this, don't make a big deal out of it.

Take time to activate definite emotional responses in yourself.  This will keep you from falling asleep, and also serve to carry the active parts of your mind with you, making the experience much more coherent.  Take time to make yourself mentally excited, but stay calm.

Take time to listen to your surroundings.  You have focused on what's going on inside you, so now focus on what's outside of you.  Use your ears because you can't see with your eyes closed.

Take note of the space in front of your face.  Do not visualize this space, do not visualize anything, just relax and passively feel the lack of anything but air touching your face.  Gradually expand this sensation to extend beyond your skin surface, so that you are sensing the whole range of space in front of you.  It is helpful to practice this sensing once beforehand by holding your hands in front of your face and moving them gradually away.

Keep moving your sense of location forward in this manner, without strain or squinting or much worry about it.

When you find yourself in a different position (such as sitting or standing up, or hanging from the ceiling), move very quickly away from your body.  The experience may not last very long at first, but practice allows for more freedom of movement and lengthens the experience.

NOTE: If you experience wild images, strange or foreign places, or anything remotely resembling a dream, then chances are that you have fallen alseep or you are deceiving yourself.  Do the exercise again, putting more effort into creating a feeling of excitement that will remain with you.  Hunger, lust, and fanaticism will serve best here.  The result is a life-like experience of the places to which you could normally walk or move, just as if you had gotten up and walked to them, although your body remains sitting and you walk invisibly.  The whole effort should not take longer than a half hour.

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