Using Chromatherapy in everyday life

Have you ever walked into a colored room, and felt uplifted? Relaxed? Antsy? The next time your feelings change when entering a room, perhaps you should stop for a moment and notice the colors that are around you. Chromatherapy is the application of specific colors that are used to be therapeutic. The colors can be anything from painted walls, fabrics, wallpapers, to the use of colored light bulbs. Anywhere there is color, you can incorporate Chromatherapy.

Many fast food establishments have commissioned a color expert to purposely create a color scheme to get customers in & out as quickly as possible so they can make as much money as possible. Most casinos also have elaborate colors such as reds & purples to attract & draw clients inside to gamble. Color has an effect on us all, whether we realize it or not. Colors have been a subtle, yet strong force in the shaping of human emotion & behavior. There is a theory that all light has a frequency or energy level, and every color a frequency of it's own. Science claims that energy cannot be destroyed, only recycled. Therefore, every color has an effect on every individual.

What some basic colors can represent

Red is a strong color, a sexually stimulating color, and a passionate color. Red stimulates energy, strength, courage, and can increased self esteem in many situations. Red can be used in a bedroom to increase sexual stimulation & passion in a relationship, and it also makes bold statement about the owner. Red is best associated with strength & energy.

Blue is a calming, healing, extremely therapeutic color. It opens blocked communications, enhances wisdom, and brings a general sense of calm. Many healing practitioners use the lighter shades of blue to help induce the Relaxation State of their clients. Use blue anywhere in your home where you feel you need an extra sense of relaxation, healing, and calmness. If you have a sick loved one, it's a great idea to have shades of blues in their bedroom or living area. Blue is best associated with water.

Purple is an influential color. Many times it's best used for psychic awareness, healing, and enhancing personal power. Lighter shades of purple, such as lavender are great for feminine healing. Lavender is also a romantic color. One of the best uses of Lavender is for the bedroom or bathroom areas in the home. Not only will this color add a romantic touch, but it will also stimulate a relaxing, homey feeling. You can use this color anywhere throughout your home. Purple is best associated with the third eye.

Orange is a stimulating color. Orange is great for ambition, goals, creativity, and success. A good place to incorporate orange would be in the bathroom, a place where you go each morning to do your daily rituals of primping yourself, and preparing for the day's workload. The warm glow of orange will wake you up, and make you feel ambitious and ready to have a goal filled successful day. Orange is best associated with general success.

Pink is a color that represents love, friendships, and healing of the emotions. Another great color for feminine healing. Pink is also a peaceful color, and can add to affection, romance, & love. Pink is another great addition to a bedroom, or an area where your partner & you spend a lot of time together. Pink is best associated with love & friendships.

Yellow is a highly intellectual color. Yellow is great as a learning tool. A suggested place for yellow would be a study room or library. Yellow is stimulating enough to keep you going, yet subtle enough to allow the learning process to be successful. Yellow is best associated with the sun.

Black as a color, is great for soaking up good energies, and repelling negative ones. Many cultures & spiritual people wear black for protection. Incorporate black anywhere you feel the need to absorb good, and repel bad. Black is best associated with Magick.


as a color, represents purity. It also repels negativity, and is in direct relation with the Gods & Goddesses. In healing, white is used to direct negative energy, germs, & illness away from the person. White is best associated with snow.

The best thing to do with personal Chromatherapy is to find colors that suit your needs. Colors that make you feel good. If you cannot actually paint the rooms in your home, another suggestion is to buy or make candles in the colors you find you're attracted to. Adding colored light bulbs is also another good substitute. Decorating your home in the colors that shift your moods, and enhance your energy is what you'll want to accomplish using Chromatherapy. In using Chromatherapy, your home and personal space will reflect you. Your friends and family should be more comfy & open in your home with the stimulating, relaxing, comforting colors. Curtains, bedspreads, carpets, rugs, throws, tapestries, dishes, shower curtains, anything & everything you bring into your home you can directly turn into a Chromatherapy experience, and can create the energies you're wanting within your personal space. Happy coloring!

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