In my form of spellcasting dealing with scent:

Example one:

if you are having a hard time dealing with someone who is let's say harming you and this person is "popular" with other folks for their physical beauty per se, get a box (doesn't really matter what type of material it's made of). Then try and focus the image of that person sitting in that box. While visualizing that person in the box, find a type of food with a pleasant scent and add it to the box. And while you are doing this, concentrate on this person having the desire that every type of food is appealing and just can't get enough of it's overwhelming smell of delight ( the best way to visualize this, is to imagine that person wide eyed and mouth watering with hunger ). After you are done with each step, close the box and seal it tight and NEVER open it ever again. It is up to you where you want to keep this box hidden. Just as long as NO ONE opens it. The results of this spell should be that this person will eat and eat and then gain a lot of weight.

Example two:

If there is someone who is always depressed and you wanted to help cheer this person up and it seems nothing seems to work, here's a spell that you could use. This also needs a box ( any type of material you desire ). Start to visualize this person in the box. Then add in fresh and pleasant scented flowers to the box, while doing so, imagine that person with their eyes shut just gleaming with joy from the scent of the flowers. After you are done, seal it and NEVER open it again. You may hide this box anywhere you desire, just as long as NO ONE opens it. This spell will help that person get out of this deep depression.

Example three:

If there's ever a time you have a hard time focusing on an image during spell casting, such as for, money, a specific person in your life such as a friend or lover, a brand new car, an animal, etc. Most have a scent that you can identify that object with. Keep that scent around you while doing your spell (s). Some witches would say that you need an image which I have found through my practices dealing with scents that it is not always the case. Remember, magick has many different paths in dealing with accomplishing a single goal, and scent is one of them. If scent wasn't included in a form of casting spells, then how does a person who is born blind ever to cast a spell? And because of that simple fact, I do not rule out scent as being a magickal tool in spellcasting.

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