"Occult" as a word means "hidden."  It's used by astronomers to mean covering or eclipsing, and we've learned quite a bit from observing what happens when one object in the sky moves in front of another (or more to the point, when it DOESN'T move in front of another object, like when we expected Pluto to move in front of a particular star and hide it, ,and it didn't, meaning that Pluto was much smaller than we thought.)

In the usual sense, though, it means hidden or mysterious knowledge.  Being the curious species that we are, anything hidden is innately fascinating to us.  Children are fascinated by how babies are made and what happens after they go to bed; adults are fascinated by how crimes are committed and secret affairs and conspiracies. vIn one sense, then, once you've learned something about witches, or begun to study Wicca, it won't be hidden to you anymore, and thus won't be occult.

In another sense, you may begin your studies and realize that down the road, somewhere, there may be a revelation or a mystical experience.  Wicca, specifically, encourages these experiences by giving you enough information to make a choice, letting you choose, and then taking you through a series of initiations or ceremonies.  By the time you reach the first one, you'll have some knowledge of how the other members of the faith believe, but you won't know the details of what exactly will happen, which makes it easy for them to lead you through an initiation, a ceremony where hopefully you'll have a mystical experience of your own.  That will encourage you to further learning and give you a common background with the others.  I am not a Wiccan, nor have I studied Wicca with a group, but I would imagine it's as different as going from being single to being married (which I have done) or being an adult to being a parent (which I have not).

There are two explanations which I think are very good for why no one should talk to you about exactly what happens during an initiation.  The first reason is, of course, that if they tell you the mundane steps of it, you may not be surprised when you come to these steps, and you may miss out on the mystical portion of the experience because you're thinking about the physical.  (Imagine trying to tell a small child about what sexual intercourse is.  They don't understand the feelings behind it or have the physical urges, so their likely response is going to be "You put WHAT, WHERE?"  They won't get it.)  I don't mean by this that initiation involves sex.  I'm using sex as an example of something that you can't explain to someone who isn't ready for it.

The second explanation is that you aren't there for the mystical experience, you're there for the changes it produces in you.  Many Christians strive to be "born again" in Christ, which is a mystical experience affirming their faith.  If you ask one of them what exactly their experience was like, they'll describe something that sounds kind of silly (if you're not a born-again Christian).  Or they may even choose not to talk about it, if they've talked about it to others and been laughed at, or misunderstood.  But the point of being born again, or initiated, isn't to have the Gods come down in a big halo of white light and sprinkle fairy dust on your bottom, it's to become a different and better person than you were through a sudden change.  Folks who go in for the fireworks aren't likely to have any incentive toward creating a lasting change in themselves, and worse, they aren't likely to succeedat either.

If you are interested in "hidden" teachings because you're a curious human being and want to see what there is to learn, great and we're glad to have you; there are several reading lists in the last 3 days or so of posting.  You may not find much in the way of learning how to fly around by waving your hand, or change your eye color, but you'll definitely learn more about how the world works, what people have thought about that in the past, and formulate your own ideas on how to change the world around you.

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