Q: Can anyone become a witch?

A: Most.

Q: Can anyone become truly powerful?

A: It's not a matter of whether most can. It's a matter of whether most people have the wherewithal to pursue their Art to that extent. If you have what it takes to become a regular user of magic (as a way of life) you likely have what it takes to achieve true power.

Q: Can someone here teach me to use spells and/or become a witch?

A: Some can, but be very careful in whom you choose to teach you. A good teacher will usually not ask for money, or expect you to immediately subscribe to a specific moral code.

Q: Do you guys believe in gods?

A: Occult philosophy ranges from devout religious practitioners to staunch atheists.

Q: Do you have to beleive in a certain set of gods to become a witch?

A: No.

Q: Is harming people with magic wrong?

A: Some say yes, some say no. Individual philosophies on harmful magic vary from tradition to tradition and even from individual to individual.

Q: What about the threefold law? Don't we get back what we put out times three?

A: Some say yes, and again some say no. My personal opinion on it can be found at this essay: Threefold Law?

Q: Will magic make me happy?

A: No. Magic will not make your life easier--it will actually create many problems for you if you do more than dabble. It will not make people like you--it will make those who know of your talents distrustful of you and even hate you. It will not solve your problems--what situations it rectifies on the mundane level are only amplified in more sublime ways.

In short, magic will not make the world a better place for you. What it WILL do for you is open you to a whole new realm where you have greater difficulties and a greater degree of control over your environment.

If you have *ANY* doubts about yourself, your willpower or your comfort level, do not practice.

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