1. Learn things for yourself. Do not take the word of others' conversation or writings (even this) as reliable information until you have proved them for yourself. Magic manipulates natural forces - therefore study nature in all its aspects before attempting to harness their potential. If you come across the work of another (as in a book), experiment with what appeals to you, that you may test the methods for yourself.

  2. Do things for yourself. Instead of buying the components of your sorcery, collect them or make them. If you require plants, grow them; and if you require metals or stones, collect and finish them without assistance. If you require magical words and signs, seek to decipher them from nature, steal them from the spirits they command, or invent them to suit your needs.

  3. Work for yourself. Decide upon something which might bring you enjoyment of life, and pursue them. Acquire things which might bring you pleasure, and accomplish things which might improve your life. Many will seek to employ your magical ability for their own goals, trying to convince you that such goals would benefit you both. Choose what you bring to this world for yourself.

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